Ginny Macdonald | ABOUT
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About Ginny Macdonald

Imported from England with extensive training in construction and design, Ginny started her own, full service interiors company in Los Angeles 2017 after 4 years of working as Design Director for Emily Henderson Design.

A cohort of Emily Henderson’s, Ginny Macdonald knows her way around a space! A native Brit living in the States, Ginny brings worldly design sensibilities from across the pond. Her interiors are luxe but still approachable– a perfect combination for people who want a bit more than bland IKEA furniture. Ginny’s Instagram page is my go-to for inspiration on injecting character into any home.

–  Wit & Delight –

Our team discovered Ginny’s Instagram feed after catching wind of her involvement with the team behind Emily Henderson Design—we’ve been hooked ever since. The native Brit is an incredibly talented designer in her own right. Her feed is full of inspiration for those looking to craft a well-styled space.

–  The Glitter Guide –