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About Us

Ginny Macdonald Design is a full service interior design company specialising in remodels, new build homes and decor projects. We thrive on bringing our vision and your home to life from the very beginning. Starting with the design concept and finishing with installation and styling.


We’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty either and will guide you through all the nitty gritty that comes with ground-up projects and remodels.


Every client – like every new, designable space – has its own story. Our tastes are defined by our experiences, our homes reflect our histories. In that spirit, no two stories – and no two spaces – are ever the same. Ginny’s approach to design begins with that principle. With a keen eye for detail, a focus on quality and a love of vintage, she infuses her own, personal style into every new project. Her mission is to highlight the individuality of each of her projects and to design in a way that speaks to the personalities and styles of those who live and work in them.


“It’s not just about bringing to life a well designed space, it’s about creating a home”


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Ginny Macdonald East Coast Traditional Living Room
Ginny Macdonald Principle and Founder


Imported from England with extensive training in construction and design, Ginny started her own, full service interiors company in Los Angeles 2017 after 4 years of working as Design Director for Emily Henderson Design.


Ginny’s style tends to err on the side of traditional taking inspiration from her old English heritage with her new California roots. Fusing both those styles with modern day essentials and midcentury classics brings an overall eclectic vibe to her designs. Ginny believes a home should have a well balanced mix of new, custom and vintage pieces for that unique collected look.


Ginny currently resides in a Spanish style apartment in West Hollywood, California with her husband Patrick and their two dogs Theo & Gatsby.