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Hey guys it’s Ginny here bringing you another room reveal at the Los Feliz house we’ve been working on. Last week we revealed the toddler girl’s bedroom and a few weeks ago the playroom. So the guest bedroom is the last reveal for this phase of designing for these clients. I intro’d this space back in Feb which you can read all about it here if you missed it the first time round. They eventually want to redo their kitchen and living room which we’d love to get our hands on since the house is so beautiful and the clients are really great to work with.



The guest bedroom is one of two guest rooms they have and is on the first floor level at the back of the house. It has it’s own en-suite bathroom and external access to the pool and patio area making it the perfect space for visitors. They wanted to make this room feel cosy and inviting and above all have some cool charm to it.



They didn’t have any furniture they wanted to keep so we were able to start fresh in here. The pretty oatmeal window shades were existing so we kept those and designed around them. They were pretty adventurous when it came to doing wall treatments in the house (we painted the playroom mint green and did a wallpaper in the girl’s bedroom). After proposing a few options to them and going back and forth on modern vs traditional, we came to a decision to go with a black toile. The black makes it feel slightly more edgy and less country Manor House.

If you’re wanting to do a more modern toile there’s a really cool Brooklyn one from Flavor Paper we considered.



Although the house style feels quite traditional we were super cautious to not sway too, too far in that direction with the design. So we paired the wallpaper with modern feeling elements like the nightstands, sconces and artwork. We also added in touches of mid-century with the table lamps and vintage dresser. The nightstands feel a bit more on the industrial side with them being metal and wood, but that really helped to modernize the space. The back wall is also fairly large so the size of these feel right in here.



All the artwork in here is the clients own and these prints are from Paper Jam Press. When using such a bold and busy wallpaper it’s better to go simple with the artwork so that it doesn’t end up getting lost. The graphic typography brings in a younger hip vibe and the negative white space around it gives your eyes a rest from the wallpaper and let’s the art stand alone.

The nightstand styling was kept fairly minimal and neutral. It’s a guest room after all so they didn’t want it to feel overly styled but still have some interest to it. A lamp, a catchall tray (or bowl) and vase is all you really need (and you could go even less). Since the nightstands are pretty big we couldn’t not style out the bottom shelf. We used oversized books to break up the surface and added pottery to help make it feel more eclectic. You could also pop a basket in here instead for additional blankets or a place for guests to store items.



There was space under the TV that was crying out for a piece of furniture, so we found a vintage steamer trunk that fit perfectly in here. To make it feel more ‘hotel-like’ we added extra blankets and a drinks tray to welcome guests. The little door behind the trunk is for access to the bathtub plumbing. I’ve never actually seen that before but actually makes sense. Kind of annoying that it has to be there though and break up our beautiful wallpaper.



There isn’t a walk-in closet in here (there is in the hallway close by) but they didn’t want to add a lot of storage since the room isn’t that frequently used. We convinced them to go for this really cute mid-century dresser we found on Chairish. It really helps to add some soul into the space since a lot of the other large furniture pieces are new.



With us adding artwork around the bed, we decided to install a round mirror above the dresser – helpful for guests, doesn’t detract away from the wallpaper and helps to bounce light. We styled this out a bit more than they have it for everyday and to mine & Melanie’s surprise (and sadness), they didn’t want to keep the brass hand lamp. It def goes a little 80’s glam but to us it added a little fun and whimsy in here. Adding fresh flowers or branches really liven up a space and we went with a slightly larger leaf so that it would stand out against the wallpaper – anything smaller would get lost.




To add some colour in here we layered a mix of different blues with grays, white and oatmeal for the bedding.  We also incorporated some pattern through the pillows with a simple graphic triangle on the white pillow cases and then a blue stripe on the flannel in front. With the headboard being a dark blue it created a divide between the wallpaper and the pillow so that each could stand alone and be seen. The blue throw blanket is from Pom Pom home (I have that and two of their shams) it’s a gorgeous soft organic linen in their indigo colourway.  We styled this nightstand slightly differently here by centering the large books on the bottom and a large footed ceramic bowl on top. Instead of a tray on the top we used a stack of books to sit the catchall dish on – perfect for keeping jewelry safe and in one place. The two cute black vases on the nightstands are by Melanie’s BF Blake Beaudette. He hasn’t updated his shop in a while but check back in again soon, I’ve seen some of the new stuff he’s making and it’s amazing!



So there you have it – a traditional yet eclectic guest bedroom. Do you think we should have gone with a modern toile or do you like the more traditional in this space? Would love to know what you think.

We compiled some before // afters below!




** My role: Lead Designer

*** Assisted by Melanie Burstin

**** Photography by Tessa Neustadt